Who is Dan Chappelle?

I know why you are here.


I grew up poor. My parents were artists. My community was a hippie commune. And my wish back then was to be a little more status quo. 


But when you grow up outside of convention, it’s hard to acclimate to the conventional.


My professional titles and accolades are proof that sales skills are life skills.


And they’re important ones. Especially to those of us who’ve been told we’re out of our league. Or discouraged from aiming as high as we want to go.


Personal freedom is a hardwired value. Tenacity, an intrinsic trait. Self-sufficiency, a way of life.


That’s why one of my first jobs was selling books door-to-door. Why I left college to teach scuba diving and do my own thing. Why I took a job on a cruise ship to travel and experience what the world had to offer. Why I studied all corners of the travel industry and opened my own luxury-focused travel company.


Local supplier reps took bets on when that business would fold, but we outlasted them. Then I sold the agency. Then I entered the corporate world...then I quickly rose to the executive ranks.


None of that would’ve happened if I’d listened to other people’s negative opinions about what was possible for me. Or if I didn’t have relationship, sales, and prospecting skills.


Those were my survivor’s guide. Learn them and you learn to navigate your world.


Even if a door does get slammed in your face.


I share these skills because they’re fundamental. They’re powerful. And they’re doable.


And because the travel business isn’t an order taking business anymore. 



Dan lives in the Seattle area with his wife, 2 (now 3) designer dogs, 2 cats, and 1 grand-cat & 2 grand-dogs (those of you who have them know what this means).  He has 3 beautiful daughters and is an avid hiker, occasional mountain climber, scuba instructor and rabid University of Georgia Bulldog fan.