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Here's the million-dollar question...

Can you build a business that lets you hit your INCOME goals...while you work with the clients who are PERFECT for you...AND still have the FREEDOM to enjoy your life?

I'm happy to say the answer is YES...BUT... You need a game plan.  A proven step-by-step system; which when properly sequenced, will help accelerate your sales to provide the FREEDOM and INCOME you always dreamed from your business.


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Follow Your Path to Freedom

Step #1 - Foundation

This is the core of your success. We will discuss your business model, specializtion and prepare you mentally for the challenges in your business.

Step #2 - Attraction Marketing

The only real asset of any travel business is the quality (not size) of its customer and prospect list.

We address the real reason your marketing is not working as well as how to properly utilize of strategic and tactical marketing programs

Step #3 - Prospecting

Proactive process to Identify quality prospects. How to ask for referrals that convert. Sequential follow up processes and scripts you can use to increase conversions.

Step #4 - Selling

Where the rubber meets the road. The proven, six step, Wealthy Travel Agent Sales System anyone can easily master - just follow the formula.

Step #5 - Retention Marketing

Over 70% of customers not buy from you a second time. We focus on Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) as well as a number of techniques to keep them engaged with you and your business.

Step #6 - Growth

This final step looks to the future. We focus on building your sales and support team, strategic relationships, scaleable systems, and the KPIs important to sustained growth.

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