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Live, Learn, and Earn

What You Can Expect.

  1. Focus on the process to achieve realistic outcomes.  Specifically, continuous execution of the systems and processes you learn will produce attainable results which maximize commission & fee revenue.
  2. Programs based on first-hand experience, not cute ideas or theories. If you have ever had someone who has never had kids try to tell  you how to parent - you know what I mean. I have been spent most of my career selling travel. I teach a system which has been proven, refined, and practiced by myself and others to achieve sales success.
  3. Realistic perspective.  Expect to learn how to sell travel. Expect to work hard, it's not easy. You will learn things that may be contrary to what you have been taught previously.  Having been a successful agent/owner, host and consortia executive, as well as VP Sales with a leading luxury cruise line. I have a realistic perspective on what it takes to succeed. 

Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler

There is a tremendous shortage of "qualified" professionals selling luxury travel -Yet it is one of the fastest growing markets in the industry. Anyone can do it and I will teach you.

Travel Agency Transformation

By popular demand!  The proven, six-step systematic approach to building a profitable and sustainable business

Compete with Costco

Not only can you compete with Costco and other membership clubs - you can beat them at their own game


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