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Do You Have that Helpless Feeling You Get When Nothing is Working?

Are You  Struggling to Pay Your Bills?

Are You Under Family Pressure to "Make it Work" or Give Up Your Dream?

You Can Turn Your Business Around Now!


A business should provide the following:

1.       Freedom of Choice – to do “what’s right” in life and business vs. “what’s right now.”

2.       Freedom of Income – to break the bonds of living paycheck to paycheck.  

3.       Freedom to Live- create a lifestyle that is important to you and your family.

So, what happened?  When did your aspirations and dreams turn into a full-time job?  Do you have that helpless feeling we all get when there is no sense of control? I’ve been there - It’s a scary place.

If this is you – Now is the time to hit the “Reset” button and transform your business.

This program will be some of the  most productive time you will ever spend on your business.  It will help you get your life back on track and take your business to a whole new level.  Some of what you will learn includes:

1.       Why your marketing isn’t working and what you can do to fix it.

2.       Why your job is not to create demand.

3.       The single most important question to ask prospects.

4.       The one thing you must do better than anyone else - it’s not what you think.

5.       How to focus on the process to achieve the outcomes you desire.

6.       A repetitive system that you can use -starting today- to help achieve the “Three Freedoms”

And so much more!

Dan Chappelle has been called

"The Best in the Business!"



Step #1 - Foundation

This is the core of your success. We will discuss your business model, specialization and prepare you mentally for the challenges ahead.

Step #2 - Attraction Marketing

You will learn the real reason your marketing is not working as well as how to properly utilize of strategic and tactical marketing programs to attract new prospects.

Step #3 - Prospecting

Learn how to ask for referrals that convert. Sequential follow up processes and scripts you can use to increase conversions.

Step #4 - Sales

Where the rubber meets the road. The proven, six step, Wealthy Travel Agent Sales System anyone can easily master - just follow the formula.

Step #5 - Retention Marketing

Over 70% of customers not buy from you a second time. We focus on Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) as well as a number of techniques to keep them engaged with you and your business.

Step #6 - Growth

This final step looks to the future. We focus on building your sales and support team, strategic relationships, scaleable systems, and the KPIs important to sustained growth.