"When We Learn to Manage Travel Advisers as Sales People,

That's When the Magic Happens!" 

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"Dan has an amazing combination of charm, humor and candor. Excellent presentation, top-notch performance and abundant POSITIVE feedback from our team. Dan inspired and energized our team. He rocks!"
Carol DiOrio
Vice President, Travel Sales - AAA Western & Central New York

Get Your S.H.I.P Together

Master your circumstances, create massive value and achieve spectacular results with Dan's self-management program taken straight from his best-selling book. 


High-End Travel Hacks

Learn Dan's top secrets to selling to the affluent traveler. You'll open a floodgate of opportunities once you master the art of selling to the highest caliber. 


Sales Leadership

Results-Based  Sales Management is a new concept in travel.  Dan's unique approach provides owners and managers coaching and accountability  tools to drive success. 

Owners and Managers Only

Dan Hasn't Just Changed The Game Of Selling... 
He's Made It An Art Form

Get Your S.H.I.P Together

Master Your Circumstances, Create Massive Value & Achieve Spectacular Results

This is Dan's Self-Management program based on the principles of his best-selling book to help attendees take inventory of their current situations and plan for the future.
"Dan Chappelle’s coaching style is a game changer! He inspires you to think with a fresh new mindset and to consider all of the possibilities! Dan’s program created a path that was crystal clear to increased bottom line results almost instantaneously."
Mark McCowan, CTIE
Luxury Travel Advisor,
Air Sea International Travel Inc.

High-End Travel Hacks

Learn The Secrets Of Selling To The Affluent Traveler

This is the best time ever to be a travel adviser and the demand for luxury travel options is the reason why.  This program will have agents thinking differently about how to seek out and sell to affluent travelers.  The audience will walk away with new skills which can be implemented immediately We will candidly answer 5 key questions the will better prepare the agent to sell luxury focused product.

Results-Based Sales Leadership

Dan Will Show You How To Lead So That Everybody Wins!

Great travel advisers are not necessarily great salespeople. Fortunately this is a skill that can be learned. However all the training in the world isn't any good unless there is someone who continually reinforces and holds them responsible them for their actions and results. This is Sales Leadership. Dan will show you how to become more effective and inspire your team.
"Dan offered a wealth of practical advice to help our independent travel professionals to become more successful in building an affluent customer base. I would highly recommend Dan as a speaker and business coach."
Jackie Friedman

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