Conventional Strategies Produce Conventional Results


"Dan is like a doctor who gives you the straight scoop in a clear and concise manner. He evaluates your goals and current business, then suggests what you need to do and more importantly -how to do it. He helped me gain clarity, narrow my focus, and held me accountable to my commitments.” I was suffering from overwhelm and “Dr. Dan” gave me a reasonable and workable prescription. "

Ellen B. - Frosch Travel
Top-Selling Certified Tauck Advisor

1. Clarity

Are you ready to stop searching for the next best thing...or maybe you have "Information Overload" and just need a clear, step-by-step checklist on what to do next...

Find Clarity!

2. Confidence

Do you have what it really takes to become a Wealthy Travel Agent?  Most say "fake it till you make it", but you and I know that doesn't last. Discover how to build confidence a better way. 

Gain Confidence!

3. Commitment

We show you step-by-step how to get build a successful travel business. No previous experience required.  Just a commitment to excellence. Anyone can do it!

Commit Fully!

Does This Sound Like YOU?

  • You're not reaching the income or profit levels you dream of.
  • Your customer base is not not growing - in fact it might even be shrinking.
  • Cash flow is unpredictable and you don't know if you will have enough to cover the bills, much less pay yourself..
  • You spend a ton of time on marketing and social media, but nobody is converting into buyers.
  • Your days are spent worrying, searching, wondering how you can make all of this work.
  • You need to increase your sales and your income NOW.
  • You're done with trying to figure it out yourself and need an experienced business adviser to analyze and show you how to turn it around.


According to a LinkedIn study, quality coaching can increase productivity on average 7x the investment.  If you are willing to implement action plans. Just imagine what you can do with the right business coach in your corner focused on your personal success.

"Dan Chappelle’s coaching style is a game changer! He inspires you to think with a fresh new mindset and to consider all of the possibilities! Dan’s program created a path that was crystal clear to increased bottom line results almost instantaneously."
Mark McCowan, CTIE
Luxury Travel Advisor,
Air Sea International Travel Inc.

"The best business advisers don’t tell you what to do, they lead you to the answer. This is what Dan does best. Over the years, I have often turned to Dan for career advice. He is direct, very relatable, and keeps the focus on you. His experience, knowledge, and integrity are second to none. If you are considering a business adviser who will take a personal interest in your success – Dan is the Man!"

Kier V.B. Matthews, CTIE
Director of Sales, Classic Vacations

You Have Questions... The Answers May Be Here:

Maybe. This is primarily for people who have been in business a while, and are ready take it to the next level.

But if you are extremely focused to get it right the first time, we can have a quick chat to determine if I can help you.  Typically, for advisers newer to the business I suggest you join The Power Players Club an affordable DIY option.

You and I both need to be absolutely sure this is right for you. I won't take people's money who won't take action on the plan we produce. This is about results and I want them as much as  you. 

If you're not currently getting the results you need from your business and you're CERTAIN it's not about your product or service, then this is right for you.

See What Others Are Saying About Dan's Coaching

Dan did exactly what I needed a coach to do. He analyzed my current business and made clear recommendations for improvement. He helped me get proper systems in place, make the most of my current vendor relationships and formulate a solid plan to move forward. He has worked side-by-side with me every step of the way. He has been generous with his insight and his time — often working well beyond our allotted time frame. Dan really cares about his clients and their success. I never feel like “just a client.” It feels more like working with a really knowledgeable friend.
With Dan’s help, I now have an efficient organization that is well-primed to welcome new agents. He has helped me create an agency that offers a real benefit to agents who are looking for a new host agency. I know that what we accomplished in a few short months- would have taken me years to get to this place on my own.

- Christine Hardenberger
Owner of Modern Travel Pros

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Dan Chappelle offers his exclusive coaching program to those who are serious about ramping up their sales with his sought after expertise. He currently offers this program for a monthly cost of $489. You'll be sent an exclusive link and setup instructions after Dan and you speak directly.