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The Luxury Travel market is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.  Since 2015 luxury cruise capacity has practically doubled.  Brands in the luxury cruise, tour, and hotel segments are increasing capacity at a record pace...
Yet, according to Travel Weekly, a leading industry publication, in their annual travel agency survey -  focus on selling luxury travel is DOWN as much as 9%!
Obviously, there is demand.  I mean why else would these companies be making such a huge investment.
Here’s the thing, if travel advisers are not scaling to serve the demand, well then customers are forced to book direct.
There is tremendous opportunity for “qualified” travel professionals to help meet this ever increasing demand.
My guess is you are like thousands of other travel agents who dream of earning "commissions with commas".
Believe me when I say I have heard all the excuses. I say to them,

"Tell me what you can do, not what you can't!"  

 "If you are willing to commit to learning and executing a sales strategy focused on developing an affluent clientele as part of your overall business plan, I promise you will be very pleased with the results." - Dan Chappelle




It just takes someone who has actually done it to guide you. This is where I can help.
As a small agency owner, I was stuck selling mass market cruises and tours.   We were going broke because we couldn’t compete with the "big guys".
But let’s be real, there is a lot more to it than hanging out a shingle (or website) and announcing to the world you are in the luxury travel business.
Once I discovered the secrets of attracting affluent customers -my sales & profits skyrocketed.  
As an executive at two major travel franchise organizations, I began sharing these concepts with business owners, managers and agents. 
Later, as Vice President of Sales at Windstar Cruises, I regularly taught these secrets as part of product training to agents all over the world. 
However, that was not enough...
I had to show them how to attract high-end clients.  This was the basis for “Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler".

 Your Agenda Includes...

Week 1:  Understanding the opportunity and benefits of an Affluent Traveler sales strategy.

Week 2: Get Rid of the C.R.A.P. - First phase of creating the  Wealthy Travel Agent mindset.

Week 3:  Get Your S.H.I.P. Together – Skills, Habits, Inspiration, and Performance

Week 4:  Learn to identify affluent travelers by individual and common characteristics.

Week 5:  How to create an emotional connection between the client, vacation, and you. 

Week 6:  Direct Referral Marketing – The heart of the WTA Sales System.

Week 7:  Selling to the Affluent - Mastering the Wealthy Travel Agent Sales Process

Week 8:  Building  and executing your Complete Action Plan (CAP) as well as next steps.



Eight Modules with over 40 video lessons recorded live by Dan Chappelle.
Downloadable PDF slides for each lesson.
Downloadable MP3 audio files.
SSAT Workbook
Dynamic Prospecting Worksheets
Complete Action Plan (CAP) Template
Email access to Dan
12 Group coaching calls
Wealthy Travel Agent Facebook Group
And more hidden bonuses!



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