"Personal freedom is a hardwired value. Tenacity, an intrinsic trait. Self-sufficiency, a way of life."

Dan's overwhelming success in the travel and tourism industry speaks volumes, but it wasn't until he brought his systems and insights to salespeople in other industries that he realized the true impact of his strategies.

Who Is Dan Chappelle?


Dan grew up poor to artist parents in a community he describes as a 'hippie commune.' Growing up outside of convention made it hard for Dan to acclimate to the conventional. At that time, his wish was to become a little more status quo, and that translated into a career that went from selling books door to door and teaching scuba diving to a booming career in travel and tourism. 


Success doesn't happen overnight. After studying all corners of the travel industry, Dan opened his own luxury-focused travel company. While local suppliers bet against his success, Dan ended up outlasting most of them before selling his business to enter the corporate world. It was here where he rose up to hold executive roles at Windstar Cruises, Expedia CruiseShipCenters, and Cruise Holidays (now Travel Leaders).


None of Dan's success would have come to fruition if he had listened to other people's negativity about his future. Likewise, without the relationship, sales, and prospecting skills he learned over the years - he wouldn't be in the prosperous boat he's in today. This is why these skills were and are Dan's survivor's guide. If you learn these skills, you'll learn how to navigate your world. His no-nonsense approach will have you utilizing the same fundamental skills to increase your success, even if a door gets slammed in your face.
The travel business isn't an order taking business... which is wonderful for those of you like Dan, who never liked taking orders in the first place. 
Dan and his wife are empty nesters and live in the Seattle area with their three dogs and two cats.  A lover of the outdoors, he has climbed the Mt. Rainier as well as hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail and SCUBA dived all over the world.

Get Dan Chappelle's Best Selling Book, "GET YOUR S.H.I.P TOGETHER! The Wealthy Travel Agent Guide To Sales," sales professionals and executives all over the world are raving about his insight and strategies.


If your team can benefit from the insights of Dan Chappelle, just like hundreds of others, then don't delay in bringing him and his sought after workshops to your boardroom or corporate event. 


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