Get Your S.H.I.P. Together: The Wealthy Travel Agent Guide to Sales draws on author Dan Chappelle’s decades of experience in the travel sales industry and provides a comprehensive guidebook for new and experienced salespeople alike.

"His no-BS style and personal anecdotes bring real, actionable advice to life to help readers achieve their sales and business goals. It’s not just for travel professionals, either, though it’s packed with industry advice."

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Five Key Components of Get Your S.H.I.P. Together!

The Opportunity

Discover why the next twenty years are the best time in the history of the world to be involved in travel and tourism sales

The Wealthy Travel Agent Mindset

Explore Dan’s trademarked “Get Your S.H.I.P. Together” approach to building a successful business. Master the Skills, Habits, Inspiration, and Performance and Planning that every salesperson needs to excel.

The Business of the Travel Business

Learn how to make money selling travel! Develop strategies for increasing brand expertise, find out how to compete with the big guys, get advice for choosing partners, and discover the secret to finding new prospects.

The Wealthy Travel Agent Sales System

Use this complete roadmap to start selling right now. Developed by Dan over thirty years in sales, the WTA Sales System is a foolproof method for sales, covering prospecting through follow up.

Why Travel Agents Fail

Avoid the pitfalls in travel sales. Want to know the difference between agents who fail and those who become Wealthy Travel Agents? Dan lays it out in the final chapter.

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